Most people nowadays have evolved or progressed in some way when compared to how it had been done 100 years ago. Some things have progressed more than others.

Have you ever wondered how far dentistry has been developed throughout the years? The reality is, dentistry has come a long way considering the norms of oral hygiene now versus a hundred years ago. Let’s commemorate a dental condition that was common around the time of World War I.

This condition used to be called “Trench Mouth”. It’s an acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis an abnormal overgrowth of the bacteria that surrounds and infected gum tissue. At that point, the infection was rarely treatable, and sometimes with understanding the patient would eventually lose all of their teeth.

Dentistry has come a long way. If we look at how they did the cleaning, whitening, teeth pulling, and so on, we can see a big difference even to what they did in the long run. The technology that has been introduced to the dental industry has been amazing, and we can all benefit from these advancements in some way.

They make the processes quicker and easier for the most part, for a lot of patients and dentists alike.
Instead of having the large clumsy pieces of equipment that take pictures of the mouth, there are now smaller intraoral cameras that are used in certain practices instead.

The x-ray machines are built differently, although only the major dental clinics seem to have the smaller, most advanced machines. Better anesthetics are used that don’t have the same side effects but are stronger.

The teeth whitening procedures have become one of the most frequently expanded to include the more impressive laser whitening technology. While it is quite expensive, the results last for quite some time and the teeth are whiter than what other procedures would give.

There have also been several great advancements with braces as well. They have gone from large and rather aesthetically unappealing contraptions to clear coverings for the teeth that have impressive effects in a shorter amount of time and you can’t even see them. Even the retainers have come a long way.

Advancements are happening all the time and while some of them don’t seem to have many advantages except for being smaller, these machines take better pictures, the products give better results and so the list goes. We benefit from these things without taking much thought to it, except sometimes for the price. It really is amazing what is happening to the industry so that we can have better looking and healthier teeth and gums.

  • Increased Accuracy
    The 3D imaging, intraoral cameras, lasers, and digital x-rays allow the dentist to see inside the patient’s mouth better, enabling them to more readily spot possible oral issues and get them treated quicker.
  • Quicker Diagnosis and Treatment
    Remember the good old days when you had to wear a heavy lead apron and bite down on pieces of plastic while the dentist ran back to man the x-ray machine? New digital x-rays don’t emit possible, harmful radiation, and they don’t need you to clinch pieces of plastic for what seemed like hours for the dentist to focus and get the best x-ray image possible. Modern x-rays require a type of plastic wand and a computer screen to capture and display a 3D image of the patient’s mouth. No more messy gagging and image re-dos because the patient moved. Modern x-ray technology won’t cause patient discomfort, is quick and gets an accurate reading and dental assessment the first time.
  • Reduced Number of Necessary Office Visits
    In the past, if a patient needed dentures, crowns, or dental implants, one had to schedule multiple dental office appointments for the dental procedure to get completed. In today’s dental offices, in-house CEREC, CAD and CAM machines make crowns, dentures, bridges, and veneers right in the dental office. A patient going to a dental office with one of these machines can have their new, tooth-like restoration ready and inserted on the same day.
  • Reduced Costs
    Modern dental technology makes a wide range of dental procedures efficient. Dentists don’t have to use as many resources, which lowers the costs of treatment for patients.

When you perform a patient’s teeth, you need to be gentle if you are going to have that patient back in your office. Dental patients rely on and trust their dentist to give the best results. Having the latest technologies in dentistry will help improve your chances to have more patients and be able to help where you can. Having a beautiful smile involves an improvement in your oral health.

You have to offer an excellent service that anyone can get to help you deliver great customer service and new technology helps you in this endeavor.

The increased knowledge and best practices of dentists and improved technology now enable dentists to provide quick and relatively pain-free dental office experiences. To learn how your advancements in dentistry can help treat your dental or orthodontic issue, be sure to speak to your orthodontist or dentist.

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